Erica Moore (DJ Erica)

On the surface, Erica is a super-fly, kind, talented, smart, funny, and warm hearted person, but she is (incredibly-enough) so much more. Her and her husband met in college when they both decided to take on the world. She has two children under ten, is a senior cost engineer and web developer, works with non-profits to teach young girls how to code, shows up all the dudes with her fantasy football league wins, and oh yea- she’s a killer DJ.

She makes a busy schedule look effortless but DJing comes naturally because it’s from the heart. “I enjoy all of my events however, I truly enjoy weddings the most. Having the opportunity to help create a memorable day for two people in love is an honor and I help them create the best possible representation of that love through music.” She’s always had a love for music and started playing classical instruments from grade school. In 2006, she graduated college and went off to the acclaimed DJ school, Scratch Academy. After completing their program and investing in the equipment, it was time to get spinning. “My absolute favorite music to play out is Disco. It’s also one of the hardest to mix because most of the music recorded back then was played by live bands who don’t play at an exact tempo throughout the track. I also love hip-hop, chopped & screwed music, and house/step.”

With over a decade of experience with all kinds of music and events, Erica is prepared for anything. “There are always going to be last minute changes at events. I try to minimize the effect this has on my client and their day and be as accommodating as possible. It’s my job to help bring solutions to the table.” She gives every client personal attention to ensure everyone trusts one another making Erica a sure-fire leader at any event she takes on.