Garrett Loria (DJ Garrett)

His friends call him G’Lo- which has more to do with his name being Garrett Loria and not that he tells them to get on the floor like artist J’Lo, which he also does. We stumbled upon this multi-talented charming DJ Producer where he feels most at home- on stage. He originally thought he’d rock the symphonic stages as a classical pianist and in fact, went to an arts high school to study just that. However, once at UC Berkeley to study music and technology, he set his eyes on the party atmosphere. Now he rocks crowds of up to 500 in the clubs of San Francisco and has fully embraced a musician’s lifestyle.

He produces original songs. He teaches classical and jazz piano. He is completely up-to-date in the latest releases from every major country. He frequents concerts to check out upcoming talent. When asked how he juggles it all he said, “I don’t actually sleep, I just take naps. I am too excited to get back to work every day!”

Garrett doesn’t need to seek out fun times cause he brings them wherever he goes. Even cooking dinner becomes an opportunity to get creative since he never uses recipes. He also loves to fish with his dad when he wants a break from all the lights and action of being a full-time artist. He also likes to kick back with his boa constrictor, Versace, who doesn’t mind Garrett’s loud music. Garrett jokes that he used to clear his mind by playing video games competitively because “actually both playing piano and DJing, like video games, are at the root- technical button pushing” but can’t find the time for it anymore.

With brains, skill, and a gregarious nature- putting on amazing shows and events has become second nature for Garrett. “I wanted to pursue DJing as a career because I get to make a living doing exactly what I’m passionate about. There’s a shortage of people who genuinely have a fun time at work and brag about their jobs- I’m stoked to be one of the people who does.”

(This mix is to show the DJ’s talents, mixing ability, and knowledge of music, and isn’t subject of being the only type of music they will play for your event. All of our DJ’s customize their playlist to what YOU want played at your event. Your event is not about us, it’s about you.)

See what our clients have said…

“Verducci Event Productions is my go-to company whenever I need a DJ for an event in the Bay Area. I have used them several times and each time they are professional, prompt, and fun to work with. Garrett did an awesome job for our recent party!”

 -B.Taylor- Tres Tequilla Lounge- San Francisco, CA

“DJ Garrett was fantastic! He absolutely made the wedding! From the initial meeting to the end of the wedding, Garrett was fabulous! He was very easy to work with and made sure that everything we asked for was played. Garrett made sure that the wedding was kept on schedule and ran smooth. He made sure the crowd was entertained as well. Before booking our DJ, Garrett, we worked with Anthony who is an absolute delight! Anthony made sure to give all information and details about booking with Verducci and worked very hard to accommodate us and to make sure everything was perfect. I would absolutely recommend Verducci Event Productions to any and all of those looking for DJ services for any type of party, especially a wedding! They are extremely professional but know how to have a great time! Thank you so much Anthony and Garrett and everyone at Verducci!!”

 -Zach & Alyssa Porter, Ranch at Little Hills- San Ramon, CA

“I used Verducci Event Productions for my wedding last Saturday and Garrett was my DJ. As music was one of the most important details for both myself and my husband, we were very particular with our requests and wanted control over the whole thing. Garrett was AWESOME and was very accommodating. I’ll never forget at our first meeting with him when I asked what will happen if he can’t get a song we want, and he said, “Well, that won’t be a problem. That’s my job.” Garrett has a great personality and while most of the songs were handpicked by us, he knew just the right order to play them so that people were on the dance floor the whole time. He also made sure that everything flowed smoothly as we transitioned from one thing to the next. I highly recommend Verducci’s and Garrett for any event!!!”

 -Erik & Leanne Ekstrom, Purple Orchard Inn- Livermore, CA