Jonathan Long (DJ Jonathan)

While most DJs have to rough it for while, starting out playing a few house parties and awkward family reunions as a way of dipping their toes in the DJ world, Jonathan cannonballed into the party pool, making his first splash on stage at 1015 Folsom, one of the trendiest clubs in San Francisco. “When I first got into DJing, I was in a network that was well connected in the bay. I was so inspired from that first set that I just kept going.”

Jonathan moved up to Bay Area on his own from Jersey so, with basically no social circle, he turned to music. “I knew I loved music so I went to different clubs to meet like-minded party people, but I was consistently disappointed by the club DJs and felt I could do it better.” And that’s exactly what he did. He went out, bought a laptop and music engineering software and became obsessed with the creative freedom music and DJing was giving him.

While Jonathan felt completely confident in his drive to pursue music, his family took some convincing. “Being the oldest child in an Asian family can be a lot of pressure, and there are a lot of high expectations for me. But I am so driven and focused that they began to accept that music really is my life.”

Jonathan’s love of music isn’t limited to DJing, though. While American Idol auditions aren’t yet on the calendar, he could definitely win the neighborhood karaoke competition. With a degree in philosophy, an honorary Masters in cooking eggplant Parmesan, and a weakness for chocolate, Jonathan is the fun-loving, self-driven smarty you want hosting your event.

“I pay a lot of attention to detail and am always striving to improve. I go to great lengths to challenge myself and am eager to share my musical knowledge to create an awesome party.”

See what are past clients have said…

“Thanks DJ Jon for a fantastic evening! You were spot on with everything and our guests had a wonderful time”

– L.Graham- Private Residence- Los Gatos, CA

“DJ Jon made our corporate event! From the music and the energy, our employees were talking about DJ Jon all throughout the following week. Thanks again Jon!”

– G.Gardner- Ruby Hill Winery- Pleasanton, CA

“We knew from the start that DJ Jon was the perfect match for us! He is so caring, and is all about making sure he did everything possible to have the night of our lives…AND WE DID! The music and the energy was PERFECT! Thanks DJ Jon!”

– W.Williamson- Private Residence- Livermore, CA