Do you want to add some incredible ENERGY to your reception or event? We have ambient and dance lighting packages that will set the mood for an amazing night! From elegant to dance club, we have lighting covered to fit YOUR VISION!

We aren’t a DJ Company with lights. We are a production company that have lighting & decor specialist work with you hand in hand to make sure everything fits YOUR VISION. They will create mock floor plans with a couple of different layouts to see which layout fits your exact tastes and needs. If you want lighting to be done correct and really tell your story, then you need to budget for it, just like you would for a photographer, videographer, or caterer. 

Please feel free to look down below at some of our recent work and lighting options…






                                 Monogram/Gobo Lighting




                            Dancefloor/Effect Lighting


                        Club Lighting Package                              Water Effect Lights on the Dancefloor


                   Dancing Under the Stars                                    Elegant White Moonflower Effect


                                             Uplighting with the Water Effect on the Ceiling


                                     Bistro Lighting


                                    Our DJ Setups


                              Ceiling Wash Lighting


                                Lighting Truss Decor




                             Table/Cake Pin Spotting


                          Table Pin Spotting                                             Cake Cutting Pin Spotting





                 Chandeliers                              Mason Jar Copper Hooks                              Mason Jars