Tatiana Acevedo

Tatiana, or as she’s known around the office, Tatty, is the coffee in the morning, the brains in the afternoon, and the smile before going home that makes Verducci Event Productions a well oiled machine. As the eldest sister in a musically inclined family, she has always been a natural born leader and an appreciator of the arts.

She began her sales career in Puerto Rico, where she grew up, and quickly became known for her ability to take on nearly any task thrown her way. She touts an extensive resume with experience in marketing, branding, product placement, sales team building, and the list goes on! “I pride myself in my work ethic. I’m hard working, highly organized, loyal, professional, and self motivated to do what needs to be done for our clients.”

While she may be a serious force in the workplace, she’s also the first to sing at karaoke parties, get up and dance to electronic or reggae music, or catwalk in to a company bbq in a pink feather boa. “ I have a passion for life, love, and friendship. I spend a lot of time with my husband and our family here in Cali.” She’s both a fierce driving power for this company’s improvement and the heart that best takes care of clients and their particular event needs.